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Credibility Check

SCAnS™ is a science-based behavioural analysis model and technique meticulously crafted to decipher, comprehend, and influence human conduct. By harnessing rigorously validated behavioural indicators, the SCAnS™ technology empowers individuals to discern authentic messages or concealed information within human interactions, ultimately aiding in the pursuit of truth.

SCAnS™ enjoys global utilisation across various sectors, including the military, law enforcement, intelligence, recruitment and selection, insurance, banking, and the corporate world.

Xavier, holding the esteemed EIA certification as a SCAnS™ Coder, possesses the expertise to assess the reliability of human interactions. This certification enables him to determine whether individuals’ conveyed messages align with their present experiences, contributing significantly to the quest for truth and accuracy.

Are individuals being genuine about their experiences and feelings in conveying verbal expressions and non-verbal cues, or do they conceal their true emotions?

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